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"EUROMADEM SPAIN SL & MADEM SA" webpages have cookies, which are small data files that are stored on the user's or customer’s computer allowing our systems to remember characteristics or preferences when browsing our website. This may personalize your access in successive visits, provide safer surfing, gather statistical information about the navigation made, or learn the user’s preferences.

"EUROMADEM SPAIN SL & MADEM SA" cookie policy is subject to the Ibero-American and Spanish community law in force concerning the processing of personal data and the privacy protection in the electronic communications sector. Therefore, "EUROMADEM SPAIN SL & MADEM SA" will inform you about the cookies used (see them below) and, whenever necessary, ask for your consent to use them.

Information about the Cookies used

Please note that in this website cookies are used to run navigational electronic communications, and to provide or enable the services or functionality requested by you. These cookies:

    • Remember the language preference you selected.
    • Increase the navigation safety on our website.
    • Make navigation easier.
    • Enable the playback of multimedia content.

This website also uses its own cookies, designed to collect information about users' navigation on the site completely anonymously and dissociated with strictly statistical purposes and to improve its functionality, its use allows us:

    • To know the number of visitors to "EUROMADEM SPAIN SL & MADEM SA" website
    • To count the number of visits to each pages of this website
    • To know the activity on the website to identify problems and improvements in the navigation system

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